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The History of Body Glove | Celebrating 67 Years in 2020
Inspired by all things water, California lifeguards and watermen Bill and Bob Meistrell constructed the first functional wetsuit, the 'body glove.' Now, with decades of product innovations and the philosophy of doing what you love, Body Glove remains dedicated to supporting people's passions in and out of the water. This is our story.
1953 | Dive N' Surf Opens | Dive N' Surf opened at 223 Hermosa Ave., Redondo Beach with a 30-day lease. The ocean was so close that the waves would break the windows. Here was where they discovered Rubitex and invented the first wetsuit. Dive N' Surf was the first dive-and-surf shop in the world.
First Custom Wetsuit & Sizing Chart | In 1953, the first commercial custom wetsuit and first sizing chart were created. This sizing chart is still used universally by every wetsuit manufacturer.
1955 | A Commitment to Safety | Bill and Bob contributed to the safety standard for the entire diving industry. Bob was the first person to be dive-certified in LA County.
1957 | Custom Wetsuits | They were the first to customize wetsuits for the military, as well as for the LA Police, LA lifeguards, and the medical, dental, and electronics industries. They were the first to make custom wetsuits for Yamaha and Kawasaki.
1958 | Sea Hunt | Bill and Bob started working with the television industry to provide wetsuits, dive gear and scuba training for the TV show Sea Hunt.